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Air Filters For Fleetguard AF4100

Why choose KEFIR filters?

• Keeps clean by trapping contaminants that can cause mechanical damage.
• Constructed with heavy-duty components for high performance and durability
• Provides significant mechanical protection for optimum performance.

Additional information

Outlet Diameter

106 mm (4.17 inch)

Body Diameter Maximum

197 mm (7.76 inch)

Body Length

655 mm (25.79 inch)

Rated Flow LR

9.4 m³/min (332 cfm)

Rated Flow MR

14 m³/min (494 cfm)

Rated Flow HR

16 m³/min (565 cfm)

Restriction LR

152 mm H2O (5.98 inch H2O)

Restriction MR

203 mm H2O (7.99 inch H2O)

Restriction HR

254 mm H2O (10.00 inch H2O)

Choose KEFIR filter, so that your equipment will never stop.
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