Eliminate Downtime, Increase Productivity: Our Filters Keep Your Machinery Running Smoothly

    Eliminate Downtime, Increase Productivity: Our Filters Keep Your Machinery Running Smoothly


Welcome to our manufacturing facility, where passion and expertise intertwine. Our teams work closely together and put their heart and soul into each filter to ensure superior performance and reliability in applications such as trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, generator sets, and more.
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Our oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, cabin filters, air drying elements and other filters provide reliability you can count on.

Our Product Categories

Air Filters

Fuel Filters

Oil / Lube Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Air Dryers

Other Filters


This Is The Industry We Serve

Applications, surpassing expectations with their reliability, durability, and ability to withstand even the most demanding operating conditions. Customers rely on our filters to deliver exceptional results, allow ing their machinery to operate at peak efficiency and productivity without compromise.
Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Mining machinery
Generator set
Air compressor
Industrial engine

Our Quality Assurance Tests

We subject our filters to rigorous testing protocols, ensuring that they meet stringent quality standards and performance criteria. From comprehensive laboratory evaluations to rigorous field trials, our testing process guarantees that our filters deliver consistent and reliable performance in the most challenging environments.
Dust holding capacity test
Air flow test
Pressure test
Seismic Test
Seal test
High temperature test
Humidity test


At KEFIR, we believe in delivering more than just exceptional filters. Our service commitment is to provide you with unrivaled support, timely solutions, and expert advice, ensuring your machinery is always ready to take on the next challenge.

Our Expertise And Support

Consultation Services

Navigate the complexities of the filter market with ease, aligning your product offerings with the pulse of industry demands."

Professional Communication

Streamline your business interactions with our approach to communication—always professional, always proactive, and always centered on your needs."

Rapid Production

Leap ahead of the curve with our ultra-fast production capabilities, ensuring your filter stock is replenished quicker than ever.

Order Tracking

Bridge the gap between order placement and delivery with our comprehensive tracking capabilities, giving you full visibility of your filter shipment.

On-Time Delivery

Keep your business momentum unhindered with our punctual filter deliveries, underlining our commitment to your success and satisfaction.

24/7 Customer Service

Day or night, weekday or weekend, our customer service never sleeps, ensuring you have the help you need, right when you need it.

Express Service Requests

Accelerate towards success with our Express Service Requests, providing instant attention to your pressing filter needs.

Repeat Customer Rewards

Experience a world of appreciation with our Repeat Customer Rewards, a token of our gratitude for your ongoing business.

Discounts on Bulk Orders

Elevate your profit margins with our Discounts on Bulk Orders, a win-win solution that makes stocking up on filters a rewarding experience.

Simple And Easy

Ordering From Us

Our ordering process is a breeze, with each step clear and intuitive, turning purchasing filters into a simple, satisfying journey.
Step 1

Confirm Your Filter Needs (3-7 Days)

Your first step is to clarify your filter needs. With our comprehensive range, you're assured to find the ideal fit, guaranteeing optimum machinery function and durability."
Step 2

Sample And Production (20-30 Days)

Once we confirm your request, we will proceed to produce your filter. Our fast and efficient approval process ensures maximum time and cost savings for our clients. Just pay us a deposit to get started.
Step 3

Shipping (20-30 days)

We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your needs. If you’re in a hurry, air shipping is the fastest but more expensive option, taking just 5~7 days. Sea shipping is the most economical but takes longer, at 20-30 days.
Step 4

After Service

At KEFIR, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service at every stage of our projects. Our team is always on call for your after-sales service. Contact us today for a worry-free project and let us help you take your business to the next level.

Trips For A Reliable Supplier

How To Avoid Common  pitfall

Steer clear of common mistakes with our comprehensive guide, Uncover the pitfalls in the filter industr.and arm yourself with the knowledce to navigate them with ease.
Research and check Reviews
Learn More About Manufacturers
Arrange onSite visits
Ensure Thorough After-Sales Support
Timely Delivery


Our promise is two-fold: an extensive range of high-quality filters for all your machinery needs and a customer-centric approach that prioritizes your satisfaction and success in every interaction.

Our Advantage

At KEFIR, our customer-first approach is more than just words - it's our operational philosophy. We strive to provide an unmatched level of service, treating each client as our top priority. Our expert team's wealth of industry knowledge is at your disposal, equipping you with the information necessary to choose the best filters for your machinery. We stand against a one-size-fits-all mentality and work to provide custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Coupled with our reliable supply chain, we ensure your orders arrive on time, every time, providing you with the peace of mind that your operations will never be disrupted.

Exemplary Customer Service

We redefine the standards of service, treating each interaction as an opportunity to outdo ourselves, offering a helping hand to your success journey.

Expert Knowledge

With proficiency stemming from extensive industry experience, we wield the power to transform intricate technicalities into comprehensible solutions.

Custom Solutions

Transcending the one-size-fits-all approach, we carve unique paths, crafting filtration solutions as distinctive as your machinery needs.

Reliable Supply Chain

With efficiency at the heart of our operations, we promise consistent, timely deliveries, fuelling the uninterrupted flow of your business activities.

Clients LOVE


Unbeatable in their field, KEFIR provides top-notch filters that stand the test of time. Their team is consistently helpful and insightful - a joy to work with.
Hamza Malik
From Pakistan
With KEFIR, we've found more than a supplier; we've found a partner. Their custom solutions and reliable deliveries have been pivotal in optimizing our operations.
Ahmed Al Futtaim
From Dubai
Our operations have thrived since we switched to KERIR's filters. Their product quality, coupled with impeccable customer service, has cemented them as our go-to provider.
Daniel Davis
From USA

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Most Frequent Questions And Answers

What quality are your filters?

We provide filters designed with meticulous precision, guaranteeing a perfect match to the original's specifications. Each filter is a testament to our commitment to flawless engineering. At the same time, we cater to the economic needs of your local market. We achieve this by offering cost-effective filter options. These budget-friendly alternatives are tailored to meet specific local demands, without compromising on quality.

What is your MOQ?

We keep an extensive stock of popular filter models at all times, ensuring availability when you need them. Included in this stock are essential components, catering to every aspect of your filter requirements. Whether you require a large number of units or just a handful, we're equipped to meet your needs. Even for orders as small as 10 pieces, we're ready and capable of providing swift service. Trust in our commitment to cater to your unique demands, no matter the size of the order.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

We warmly invite you to witness firsthand the production of our high-quality filters at our factory. Reach out to us to schedule a comprehensive tour where our dedicated team will guide you through our manufacturing process, showcasing the exceptional quality we stand by. We are confident that our commitment to excellence will leave a lasting impression.

What is the average lead time from order to delivery?

20~30 days.Experience our efficient order processing firsthand. As soon as we receive your order, our team promptly prepares your filters for delivery. With a short average lead time, we ensure your filters reach you promptly without sacrificing quality or performance. Trust in our commitment to delivering exceptional products exactly when you need them.

What are your payment terms?

Flexibility meets convenience in our payment terms. We accept a variety of payment methods to ensure a seamless transaction process.Our payment terms include EXW, FOB, CFR and CIF.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

We offer a variety of shipping options to meet your needs. If you’re in a hurry, air shipping is the fastest but more expensive option, taking just 5~7 days. Sea shipping is the most economical but takes longer, at 20-30 days.

Can we ask for product samples before placing a large order?

Absolutely, your confidence in our products is paramount. Therefore, we happily offer product samples upon request before you commit to a larger order. This approach ensures you can evaluate our filters firsthand, ensuring they meet your exact specifications and quality expectations.

How does your pricing compare to your competitors?

While maintaining high standards of quality and performance, we remain committed to offering competitive pricing. Our products are priced not just to match the market, but to provide optimal value for your investment. We strive to balance superior product quality with affordability, ensuring our filters deliver outstanding performance without burdening your budget.

Can we customize the contract for the ongoing order negotiation?

Definitely, we understand that every business has unique needs. To this end, we're more than willing to collaborate on custom contracts tailored to the specifics of your ongoing order negotiations. Our aim is to facilitate a smooth and satisfactory partnership, providing a flexible agreement structure that aligns with your unique business requirements.

How do you handle backorders or out-of-stock situations?

In the rare event of backorders or out-of-stock situations, we implement proactive strategies to minimize disruptions. Our team communicates promptly and transparently about any delays and works diligently to expedite restocking. We value your business and time, and commit ourselves to ensure your needs are met as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Can we customize the packaging for our order?

Absolutely, we appreciate the importance of distinct branding and presentation. As such, we gladly offer custom packaging options for your order. It's a unique touch that allows your products to stand out while further asserting your brand identity. Please reach out to our team to discuss your specific packaging requirements.

How is your product performing compared to your competitors?

Our products consistently excel in head-to-head comparisons with competitors. Thanks to our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, our filters not only meet but often surpass the performance of comparable models in the market. Rigorous testing and positive customer feedback underline our products' superior functionality and durability. Choose us for performance that truly stands out.

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